I tried Veggie Grill for Thanksgiving and..

After two Thanksgivings of eating the few vegan-friendly sides at our family dinner, I finally caved and bought the Veggie Grill “Thanksgiving Feast.” Cooking is not my forté- I dabble in the fine art of breakfast-making, but that’s about it. So, since no one else in my family is vegan (yet), and I don’t cook, this seemed like the perfect solution. Each meal comes with enough food to feed four people. For $74.95, (and ultimately, less than $20 per per person), it’s not a bad deal.

They stop selling the meal about 5 days before Thanksgiving day, so naturally, I ordered it 5 days before Thanksgiving day (procrastin8r). All I had to do was place my order online, confirm my pick-up location and wah-lah! my food would be ready for pick-up the day before Thanksgiving.

So, fast forward to yesterday- I went to pick up my meal. I walked into Veggie Grill, and they had the preordered meals packed & ready to go in the corner of the store. I presented them with my information, double-checked the order, and that’s it! I got home, stored everything in the fridge, and all that was left to do was to transfer them over to oven-safe containers for cooking the next day.

This is what the meal consisted of:
-1 stuffed roast (a soy, wheat, pea protein “meat” with cranberry & wild rice inside)
-Cornbread stuffing
-Green bean casserole
-Mashed yams
-Cauli-mashed potatoes & gravy
-Cranberry sauce

Tonight, we had Thanksgiving dinner at my cousin’s house, and it felt great to not have to run to the store for last minute errands. I just took my food out of the fridge and popped it in the oven. This was the end result, and I gotta say…I’m a fan!! I would buy it again- my only suggestion would be to doctor up the green bean casserole. I think it was missing a little salt? Not too sure. The cornbread stuffing and yams were my favorite!! And the roast was good- just make sure to bake it on a rack so the juice doesn’t consolidate at the bottom of it (I did that, and you could definitely taste the difference between the top and bottom portions. It was a little too tangy…Rookie mistake.)

It has never been easier to eat clean, and to eat compassionately- without robbing any being from its life. And now that the Holiday season has officially started, I encourage you to think about substituting some of your dishes with kind food choices- after all, that’s what this season is all about, right? If you’re not quite there yet, maybe try just adding some plant-based sides to your meals (it’s super easy to substitute things like butter, sour cream & even cheese). Your body & soul will thank you! Happy holidays!

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