The Moral Compass is Broken

I hate that this is something I feel inclined to write about. In part, because I have no interest in politics. I like to stay far away from them. When they don’t bore me, they frustrate me. Plus, I watched the first three seasons of House of Cards, so naturally, I don’t trust anyone.

However, the bigger issue is that I never imagined having to write about something so abominable. About how I, along with so many others, have to convince educated individuals in office- who, by the way, are parents- that ripping children away from their parents and throwing them into cages is wrong. So many people look for a way to help, only to be told that all that you can do is call representatives or donate money. Yes, calling or donating is something, but that doesn’t rid you of the looming sense of passivity and powerlessness that rush through your body as you sit there unable to ease any of the injustices.

If, for whatever reason, you still had faith in our system- do you now?

I’m aware Trump signed an Executive Order to end family separation. But that means absolutely nothing. It’s Trump- so you know there’s some serious fine print on that Order. Most importantly, you can’t lose sight of a few very crucial things: Trump signed an Executive Order that he didn’t need to sign, to end a policy that he created, all after saying that he didn’t have the power to do anything. And not only did he initially shift the blame to Congress, he had the White House deny that families were even being separated.


The underlying problem is that at some point in time, “laws” and “policies” became more important than morality and compassion. Right and wrong, good and bad became so skewed. People began valuing the wrong things (i.e., money, power, ownership), resulting in dangerous consequences. But the worst is when innocent lives suffer from those consequences. That’s what’s happening now.

When did dirt become more important than life?

It’s heartbreaking and deplorable for someone to consider a patch of land more valuable than the life of a child, or the life of any being who needs help. It’s even more atrocious to use these lives as bargaining chips to build a wall and to deter others who are seeking refuge.

Some people might call that sadism, but that’s besides the point.

This morning, thousands of children woke up without their parents. And those parents woke up desperate to know something about their babies, feeling helpless and destitute. When you tear families apart like this, anguish, trauma, anger and terror flood their bodies. Anxiety and depression are soon to follow, if they haven’t already hit. These children, these parents, these families have been scarred and hurt forever. The US prides itself on the ideal of the American Dream. It’s supposed to be a country where you are given the opportunity to succeed and pursue a better life. But I guess that freedom only applies to those who are already rich and in power.

For anyone who still believe the laws of this country are superior to justice and morality, I’ll leave you with these words which are affixed to the wall of your Statue of Liberty:

“Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to BREATHE FREE, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed, to me: I lift my lamp beside the golden door.” – Emma Lazarus

If you truly want to remain loyal to the values that this country was “founded on” then truly be about it. Realize and accept that immigrant rights are synonymous with human rights.

If you want to “Make American Great Again” then welcome those “poor…huddled masses.” Help those individuals who are begging for help, and don’t condemn them. Above all, stop using the MAGA slogan to invite America’s atrocious history back in- you know, the one full of racism, civil rights issues, war, and depressions. Why would you ever want to backtrack to that? Progression is about moving forward. It’s about learning more and expanding your horizons. Diversity is so beautiful, culture is mesmerizing, traditions are enlightening. This is the reason why cities like Los Angeles, New York, and Miami thrive. They are melting-pots full of vibrant colors, people, and cultures. They aren’t stagnant cities, where everything is the same and predictable. Different cultures are what bring the US so much flavor- and we all know that food without flavor is boring.

Above everything, we are all one human race. We need leaders who recognize this and put an end to unnecessary labels that separate people into “us vs. them.” We all knew this presidency was going to be different. Some hoped it would be better, while others had a feeling America would implode. There’s one thing that has made itself very clear: power in the wrong hands is truly detrimental.

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