I’ve Been Working Out with Roxy Powers

Growing up, my family had one TV in the house, and my brother’s 12-year-old brain was always smart enough to find a way to get to the remote first. So, since I was about 5, I’ve consistently watched wrestling. I guess you could say I was a forced fan…UNTIL 2004, when a legend of a man by the name of John Cena started poppin’. And ohh, how the tables turned…because now I was the one scrambling to put WWE on. My crush on John Cena frequently flip-flopped between normal and obsessive. I even spent months looking for those Reebok Pumps so we could match like the ~soulmates~ we were meant to be. Tween hormones can be a creepy thing.

Eventually though, time passed, I fell off the WWE wagon, and I chose to focus my attention elsewhere. Besides the occasional Raw vs Smackdown, I didn’t really bother to tune in anymore. But then in 2017, Netflix released this show, Glow, which essentially takes you straight into the colorful spandex-satiated world of women’s wrestling. I was back in the world of wrestling- albeit this time it was a little different…and the storylines were a little bit better.

A few months after Glow premiered, I started exercising. Things had gotten a little gloomy in my neck of the woods, and I figured working out would help me push through it and into a better headspace. However, I’m notorious for doing that whole two-months-on-seven-months-off thing when it comes to exercise, so I knew that I was going to need extra help. I had been paying for a gym membership for the last three years, but clearly that wasn’t working for me, so I decided to cancel my membership, and start searching for a trainer.

After weeks of contacting different trainers, I found a girl I liked. We went back & forth a few times, until we realized that it wasn’t going to work due to our locations. However, before we parted ways forever she recommended another trainer- and that’s how I met Natalie!

I went into my first workout with Natalie dreading what was to come; and yes, it was hard- yes, I threw up- and no, I didn’t quit. Natalie turned out to be the perfect fit for me. Her personality made me stop dreading workouts. She was patient at the right times, and a weird (but effective) combination of encouraging and authoritative when I needed it the most. Plus, her body was motivation enough for me to keep working out (she has what the kids call #bodygoals).

Funny enough, when you see someone four times a week, a relationship is bound to blossom. Natalie and I quickly went from a trainer-client relationship to a genuine friendship, and the cordial dialogue that once filled my workout sessions became authentic conversation. I learned about her clothing line, I learned about her goals, and better yet…I learned about her past. Not only did she tour with MC Hammer at one point, she was also a wrestler. You better believe I googled her as soon as I found out- and you can only imagine my excitement when I learned that she was Roxy Powers, the Total Athlete!!!


I was sucked into a deep Roxy Powers vortex on YouTube. I learned all about her feud with basketball player, Slam Dunk. Scandalous. And I grew fond of her tag team partner Tanja the Warrior Woman (basically Xena, warrior princess). There was this whole other world of wrestling I didn’t even know existed. There was a real life version of Glow and I didn’t know about it?? WOW (that’s what it was called- pun intended hehe).

I think WOW (aka Women of Wrestling) must have been cancelled by the time I started watching WWE. But I sure knew about the WWE Divas, and I sure knew about Glow, so that was all the information I needed to know that this was a huge deal!!! I had been working out with a professional wrestler this whole time AND DIDN’T EVEN KNOW IT.

If this isn’t a sign that fate exists, I don’t know what is.

All of this is to say that I’m like 15% Roxy Powers now. I currently have arm muscles!! My booty is starting to poke out (!!!), and my mind & body are undoubtedly stronger. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to reach “100% Roxy Powers” because, well, look at that amazing tan- that’s not a color I can reach healthily…sigh.

Also, just a friendly FYI, I think WOW is back on air again- the most current google search revealed this: “2018 promises a new era in Women’s Wrestling with the arrival of the Beast. The Beast…”

Oh, man.

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