My Quest for White Tiger

After watching Black Panther, I was hooked. The way that Marvel incorporated and represented African culture was exemplary. I’ll spare the details because, even if you haven’t watched the movie, I’m sure you’ve heard it all already. With the exception of very few movies, I can’t watch something twice- and I saw this movie 3 times…in theaters. Anyways, this is where my search for White Tiger began. I have yet to see a Latinx hero like that- much less a woman. So you can only imagine my surprise (and excitement!) when I learned about White Tiger, a badass Latina crime fighter.

I skipped on in to the first comic book shop near me thinking I would be in & out real quick with my treasure. But, nope, she wasn’t there. I asked the owner about her, and he informed me that her last limited series was created TWELVE years ago, so I probably wouldn’t find anything there. I skimmed through hundreds of comics that he had in the sale section just to make sure he was right. He was.

I went to two other comic book shops that day, and as predicted hours before, no one had her series in stock. I even checked Amazon to see if I could order the series there- but it was only available for the Kindle (blasphemy!!). Finally, the owner from the first shop I visited contacted me, and let me know of a sale they were having the following weekend. Everything in the back was going to be brought out, and he had White Tiger comics in there somewhere. Yesssss!!!!!

The awaited weekend finally arrived, and I checked to see what time the store opened. 10:00am. It was raining, but that wouldn’t stop me. I’d be there by 10:01, because I was not playing around with my girl, Angela del Toro (that’s her actual name FYI). I couldn’t afford for someone to find her first. I got there, and walked into the store, only to see one of the employees fixing up a sign that read “Parking Lot Sale: Postponed due to the rain.” Ouch. After getting over the initial blow, I asked them what day it was postponed for. “Two weekends from now,” the guy responded. hahanotokay.

I couldn’t believe this task was taking so long to complete- even crazier, I couldn’t believe I was this obsessed over a comic book. To the comic book world, I have found you & joined you, and I will never leave you, because WOW it really is something special. The people you meet at the shops, the stories you read throughout the store, and the excitement you feel as you look through thousands of comics are just…awesome, there’s no other way to put it.

Finally, “Parking Lot Sale” day arrived, and I made my way over to the comic book shop again. This time, I was a little afraid to have any expectations. I took my best friend with me for moral support. Bless her soul.

We got to the store and you could tell the sale was definitely on. There was nowhere to park, and the line was out the door. At the expense of sounding ignorant, I didn’t even know that many people still shopped for comics!! It was such a pleasant surprise. I went in to talk to the owner, but upon seeing my face, he quickly beat me to the punch- “White Tiger, right?!” he said, proud of himself for remembering. “Yes, please tell me you found at least one!” I responded eagerly. “I found all six of them! They’re in the car, let me go get them for you,” he replied.
Ahh, euphoria.

My month-long mission had finally come to an end. And although I was super happy to have finally found my comics, I was also a little sad that my quest was over. For the sake of reliving it, here’s a picture of me basking in my victory:


So, now that this assignment is complete, can anyone recommend comics for me to look into or read?? I’m more familiar with the (popular) comics via animation, not print- so any suggestions are welcomed & appreciated!

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